About us

Who we are:

We are a family run business providing large format printing solutions. We pride ourselves on our experience with the equipment that we provide with the majority of the products supplied having been tested in our partner company’s print room. This ensures that the equipment/solutions provided by us has been tried and tested in a working print room. This helps us to assess the equipment and see how the print media reacts to various different factors.

Designline Systems is part of a group of companies each one having its keys role in the fine art and photographic industry. With the group in place we are able to gain information from multiple different roles, from supply through the print, sale, mounting and framing processes. By combining the information captured in each part of the group we are able to have an insight in all the different process that our customers face. With the combined experience of the group we are often able to provide innovative answers or solutions to help our customers with a wide variety of scenarios that they experience.

By working with our customers we have helped to provide cleaner more effective work flows to increase the effectiveness of their printer. These solutions can be as simple as adding a software RIP, allowing for a faster layout of images whilst ensuring minimal media usage, through to providing other software packages that are able to provide a faster more effective way of laying out documents.

Our staff has a wide range of experience within the art, framing photographic and computer industry. By combining this information we are able to have a very strong understanding of the industry and are able to draw on the computer based backgrounds to provide effective solutions that are easy and fast to implement. With the framing backgrounds contained within the company we have been able to test printed media to confirm that there are no problems with the final stages of framing. By introducing award winning photographic knowledge and teaming this knowledge with our long standing history in the art market as a gallery (one of our group companies) we have been able to test media and receive feedback from retail customers. This has enabled us to increase our range of media with the public sector in mind, by offering papers that the public like, our customers have been able to maintain and increase sales of prints. These papers maybe chosen by price or by image reproduction, but we believe that this information is critical, and being able to pass this information on is another of the ways that we provide support to our customers.

What we do:

Designline Systems is a supplier of large format print solutions, providing an independent view to the equipment, media and software solutions available. Solutions are tested within a partner company to ensure that the solutions provided have been tested inside a working environment.
Supplying a wide range of print media for a variety of print requirements the aim is to have a media that suits your needs and requirements. The range is always evolving to cater for more markets our ranges offer media for the budget markets though to the high end fine art and photographic.
Introducing software to the wide range of products we supply has allowed us to provide faster easier work flows for our customers allowing for more productivity with less effort.

Combining print finishing to the range of solutions we provide ensures that we are able to support with not just the print process but also for the print finishing stage. By providing quality finishing equipment customers can be confident that their final print can be finished quickly and cleanly.